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ProVitaMin Mineral and Vitamin drench

Buy 2.5L get 1L FREE

Chris Crowther, Lancashire Chairman, The Lonk Sheep Breeders’ Association

“Provitamin drenches are now my drench of choice”.

“Split flock trial showed 10-15% increase in lambs scanned using Provitamin compared to our regular drench”

FREE acid resistant spot sprayer

The recently launched acid resistant spot sprayer promotion by Provita is proving very popular with Northern Ireland farmers.

Farmers who purchase three 20 litres drums of Hoofsure Endurance can claim a free acid resistant sprayer worth £50, plus Konquest hoof gel. Hoofsure Endurance is diluted at 3 or 4 to 1 and spot sprayed directly onto cows feet that have hoof problems in the parlour. This spraying combined with footbathing will lead to much better control of lameness.

The big advantage is that many cows can be easily sprayed on a regular basis. It is especially convenient to use on dry cows and heifers as these groups are often neglected and can become a reservoir of infection. By spot spraying heifers and dry cows weekly when at the feeding barrier this can be avoided.