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Don’t forget to use ‘Protect’ on bought-in dropped calves

George Shaw farms on the outskirts of Castlewellan in Co Down. The business is home to a small herd of spring calving suckler cows plus a number of bought in cattle.

“There will be around 75 head on the farm at any one time,” he said.

“It is policy to buy-in 30 Continental-cross dropped calves during the autumn period. These are then kept on through to their second year. The most recent acquisition in this regard is a group of choice Belgian Blue calves. We are delighted with the progress they are making. They are doing well. But obviously, they cost a lot of money and every step must be taken to ensure that they continue to thrive.”

He added:

“It is critical for calves to get the best possible start.”

“I will make sure that each calf born to our own suckler cows gets plenty of colostrum during those first critical hours of life. Thereafter, every step is taken to ensure that the calf’s nutritional requirements are met in full. And this includes administering Provita Protect. Read more

Calf Scour Prevented

Stephen Glenn milks 200 cows with his brother Philip and father Leslie near Carryduff in Co Down. Calving takes the place the year around, apart from the months of June and July. Up to three years ago the family would have had trouble with young calves and, in particular, an issue with scours when they were put on to powdered milk, after having received colostrum.

“We were advised to dose the calves with the probiotic product Provita Protect, Stephen explained. Read more

Stop scour bug build up before it starts

Recent, independent research has confirmed just how exposed newborn calves are to picking up disease. For example, on average, it will take a young calf up to three and a half hours to get its first suck. And before it even finds its mother’s teat, it may well have already sucked her tail, leg and other body parts. As a result, the young calf will ingest large number of bugs – Salmonella, E Coli etc – before it receives one drop of colostrum.

Provita’s Tommy Armstrong takes up the story:

“It is crucially important for a young calf to get colostrum as soon as possible after birth,” he explained Read more

Provita at AgriScot 2013

Provita will be attending AgriScot 2013, Stand 114, Highland Hall.

AgriScot, the UK’s No1 Farm Business Event is now widely regarded as one of the premier events in UK agriculture. It continues to develop its appeal to all sectors of the industry, both to the trade and to a wide cross section of farmers eager to seek out the products, services, advice and information necessary for their farming businesses. At this one day event Provita will be promoting the Hoofsure Range and Protect, the proven and fully licensed alternative to antibiotics or vaccines to control calf scour by 83%.

This year’s Agriscot will take place on 20th November 2013 and Provita would like to extend an invitation to come and meet us at Stand 114, Highland Hall.

The Dairy Show at Bath & West

The Dairy Show at Bath & West on Wednesday 2nd October,  combines a comprehensive trade show with an exhibition of top quality dairy cattle. At this one day event Provita will be promoting the Hoofsure Range and Protect, the proven and fully licensed alternative to antibiotics or vaccines to stop calf scour.

For more information on the offers available come and meet us at stand 61, avenue B.

Visit Provita at Livestock 2012 4th & 5th September

Livestock 2012 4th and 5th September, NEC, Birmingham, UK

Organised by RABDF, Livestock 2012 is the leading event for the livestock sector in the UK. It attracts more than 16,000 visitors a year and presents a unique opportunity for farmers, herdsmen, consultants, processors and retailers from all over the world to see the best dairy livestock, equipment, products and services available in the UK market.

Provita will be attending the event and would like to extend an invitation to all to come and see us on stand AH 131 near entrance 18, see diagram.

Farmers can discuss our wide range of products that can help them with lameness, calf scour, milk fever, silage quality plus many other issues. Our unique products and technical advice can help farmers substantially reduce these problems.

New Konquest Hoof Gel, Combat Footspray and Hoofsure Endurance combined with better knowledge, better footbathing facilities and daily footbathing can help reduce lameness.

Renowned Lameness Expert Veterinarian Roger Blowey

Come along to the stand to view exclusive video clips from renowned veterinarian Roger Blowey BSc, BVSc, FRCVS, FRAgS, Specialist in Cattle Health and Production (Dairy), talking about footbathing, how to ensure footbaths are used at the right dilution rate, how to measure herd infection levels of Digital Dermatitis and the recent development of devastating non-heeling hoof lesions. Full copies will be available FOC with a special show promotion detailed below.



Exclusive Video OFFER

Get the latest developments in lameness knowledge by Roger Blowey BSc, BVSc, FRCVS, FRAgS, Specialist in Cattle Health and Production (Dairy). This exclusive video content is presented by Roger Blowey and produced by Provita and is only available via this offer.

Order 3 x 20 Litres Hoofsure Endurance and get 1 Hoofsure Combat and 1 Hoofsure Konquest FREE.  Click the button below to register your interest in this exclusive offer.

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Provita Protect POM-VPS offer

Protect POM-VPS is the only licensed probiotic for prevention of scour in calves. Its unique 10 billion, multi-strain, probiotic bacteria colonise the gut to competitively exclude harmful pathogens such as E. coli. In clinical trials it has demonstrated an 83% reduction in scour and a subsequent 31% increase in growth rate. It is available in 100 ml 10 calf packs costing £4 per prevention dose. A new multipack offer is available with 6 x 100ml packs, enough for 60 calves at £3 per prevention dose.

To register your interest in this offer click here.

2011 Farmers Weekly Beef Farmer of the Year Sam Chesney

Come along to our stand and find out more, view a Protect demonstration video and hear how 2011 Farmers Weekly Beef Farmer of the year Sam Chensey’s herd benefits from Provita Protect.

Farmers can discuss our other popular products on the stand such as Rumen Stimulant, BoviCal and BoviPhos, Mintcondition, Response Capsules, Response Paste, Calf Colostrum, Prolyte, Promist, Lamb Colostrum, Lamb Response etc.

To find out more visit us at Livestock 2012 on stand AH131 near entrance 18 or contact Provita on 028 8225 2352 or Tommy Armstrong on 07720101444 or email