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Provita products: Helping to boost lambs of all ages

ProVitaMin contains a range of chelated minerals, vitamins and 25 trace elements at optimal levels in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form.  It can be used as an early lamb drench giving them an important nutritional boost to support growth and development, energy metabolism and better absorption of nutrients.

Colin Mc Eldowney, from Slaughtneil uses ProVitaMin on his 300 Lanark Blackfaces. In order to maximise the output achieved from this flock, he uses ProVitaMin on all his ewes to give them a boost in minerals and vitamins at critical times of the year. He also drenches all his lambs post weaning to enhance growth rates

“I drench all the lambs with ProVitaMin prior to weaning. This ensures that growth rates are not reduced, once they are taken off their mothers” Read more

ProVitaMin has proven its worth on farms across Northern Ireland

Farmers across Northern Ireland continue to trust ProVitaMin to help correct deficiencies, improve fertility and growth rates, amongst their flocks.

A small purebred and commercial flock run by Colm and Enda Mc Aleer,  in Dungannon, has a nucleus of 20 purebred Suffolk ewes and 40 commercial Suffolk Mule cross and Mule’s. In addition to the boluses which they had always used, they tried Provita’s multivitamin mineral drench with copper, ProVitaMin. Ewes were given 10 ml 4 weeks before tupping and just before lambing. It is also used for flushing and AI to help accelerate flock development and for growing lambs. Read more

Better profitability when selling two lambs per ewe

Colm and Enda Mc Aleer run a small purebred and commercial flock near Dungannon. They have a nucleus of 20 purebred Suffolk ewes and 40 commercial Suffolk Mule crosses and Mule’s.

“We are aiming for a good wide and long sheep with good power and style for the pedigree side of the flock”, said Enda. The flock is run under the prefix Kerrib Suffolks. Read more

ProVitaMin proves its worth on sheep unit

A growing pedigree enterprise has opened up new farm development opportunities for Lanark Blackface breeder Colin McEldowney. The family’s Slaughtneil farm in Co Derry is home to 300 ewes.

“I work in partnership with my father Seán and wife Keara,” Colin explained.

“We run a herd of 25 suckler cows in tandem with the sheep. Where the ewes are concerned, 200 are crossed with Blue Leicester rams to produce Mule lambs. The top 100 constitute the focus of the pedigree operation.

“Over the past number of years I have used semen from a selection of top Scottish rams in order to improve the breeding merit of the flock. This in turn, has provided me with the opportunity to sell stock of my own at official breed sales. Read more

Achieving 2 lamb per ewe

North Tyrone sheep producer, Isaac Crilly was a visitor to the Provita stand at Sheep NI. He currently manages a 500-strong flock of Belclare x New Zealand Suffolk ewes, the majority of which are crossed with Meatlinc tips.

“Mineral nutrition is crucially important,” he said.

“In my own case, we test the sheep and the soils. We have soils with high levels of copper, but most of it is locked up by molybdenum, therefore the sheep are low in copper. Additionally the sheep were low in selenium. As a result I needed to source a product with high levels of selenium and copper.

I selected ProVitaMin as it has a high specification, is produced locally in Northern Ireland and is very cost effective in terms of cost per dose. I have been using ProVitaMin plus Copper for the past number of years, and when combined with good management it has worked well. We take part in benchmarking to monitor flock performance and last year we sold just over 2 finished lambs per ewe.” Read more

ProVitaMin boosts flock performance levels in Co Down

Colum Woods runs an expansive upland sheep enterprise near Hilltown in Co Down, with a mix of Blackface, New Zealand Romney and Lleyn breed types featuring prominently within his ewe flocks.

“The focus is very much on spring lambing with most of the lambs sold as stores in the back end,” he said.

“Improving the number of lambs reared per ewe has been a key objective for the business over recent years, hence the inclusion of Romney and Lleyn bloodlines.” Read more

Gordons looking forward to Lanark Texel sale

Annalong Texel breeder Sam Gordon and his son Alistair – owners of the Lindstair flock – are looking forward to December of this year when they will be taking a group of their top pedigree hoggets to Scotland for an elite breed sale in Lanark

“This is a great honour for us, as we have been invited to participate as guests by the other seven flockowners, who traditionally host the event,” Sam explained. Read more

Give ewes a boost to improve performance

ProVitaMin is now used by many farmers in Northern Ireland. Farmers are seeing the benefit of using this high specification drench. More lambs, more ewes holding to the ram, tighter lambing, better condition and better growth rates are being consistently reported from all parts of Northern Ireland about the product which is manufactured in Omagh. Read more

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!

David Jardine and his brother Jonathan own and manage a combined commercial sheep and pedigree Limousin cattle enterprise, near Dromara in Co Down.

“For the most part, I look after the sheep, which leaves Jonathan to concentrate on the cattle,” David explained. Read more

NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair

Provita are a sponsor of the NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair at Melton Mowbray Market. The event focusing on Sheep and Lamb health will see Provita presenting a new drench ‘ProVitaMin’. The ultra-concentrated multi vitamin and mineral drench.

NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair ?Venue: Melton Mowbray Market
Date: Friday 31st January 2014

Come meet us at our stand for more information and the offers available.
For more information on the Winter Fair click here.