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Visit Provita at Balmoral 2019 – Stand AP47

Provita are delighted to be exhibiting at Balmoral Show, 15th – 18th May 2019.  Visit us in the Agri-Pavilion, stand AP47 for great show offers on all ranges and animal health advice – with a focus on increasing milk yield.

Vital Boost: Should be offered to a freshly calved cow within 1 hour after calving for maximum effect to provide vital nutrients and minerals to combat common postpartum disorders, and boost cows in early lactation or suckling. Vital Boost contains complementary ratios of essential macronutrients to enhance milk fever prevention and it offers high energy for immediate cow recovery after calving.

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Hoofsure Konquest Against Antibiotics!

Provita developed Hoofsure Konquest hoof gel in conjunction with Queens University Belfast and Roger Blowey. Konquest hoof gel is a concentrated blend of organic acids and essential oils.  It is formulated to possess bio-adhesive and potent penetrating action so it sticks to the skin and hoof and effectively gets to the source of infection.  Provita have ongoing studies with Konquest hoof gel versus commercially available antibiotic aerosol sprays.  Early results have been very promising.  Cure rates are an impressive 75% after 28 day revisits for selected active DD lesions.  For this study, Konquest was applied under gauze and lightly wrapped before removal in the parlour not more than 24 hours later.  These early results are certainly encouraging and confirmed anecdotal results seen in the field from commercial users.

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NEW PRODUCT: BUD GUARD for after debudding

Bud Guard is the latest new product from Provita Animal Health to spray on wound after debudding. It is antibiotic free and contains a unique film-forming agent that creates a water-proof barrier to help prevent contamination and aid quick wound healing.  The physical barrier from the spray helps to seal the wound and reduce bleeding if accidentally hit by calves when returned to pens or pasture. Read more

Provita Advance+ – the multi-purpose, effective inoculant

Provita Advance+ silage inoculant is a unique formulation combining EU approved and UFAS approved lactic and acetic acid bacterial strains at a guaranteed rate of 1.2 million cfu per g of forage. Performance benefits include +1 litre of milk per cow per day and up to +30% better growth rates. Better fermentation is also shown with 46% more sugar, 33% less ammonia and double stability time at feed out. (Source: EU reg data and in-house data) Read more

Provita products ready for lambing from Co Down to Yorkshire

Christmas holidays and office closure

We would like to thank all our customers for their business throughout the year of 2018. We wish you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.
 Office close down period  – Closing Friday 21st at 3pm and will reopen on Wednesday 2nd Jan at 8.30am

Craigdoo flock benefits from ProVitaMin and Pedigree

The Grant brothers Mike, John and Patrick run the successful Craigdoo Suffolk and Blackie flocks near Kilcoo in Co Down. John and Patrick are veterinarians, involved as a partner and a pig specialist, and sheep specialist respectively within the Parklands Veterinary Group. Their farm is situated 600ft above sea level near the Mourne mountains. The enterprises consist of 130 pure breed Lanark Blackface ewes, 75 pedigree Suffolk ewes, 500 commercial ewes, 7,000 finishing pigs and a suckler herd. Recent successes include receiving £9,000 for a Blackie at Lanark in 2017. The brothers are driven to achieve even more success in the future. With an extensive embryo transfer program this year, they are set to continue the rapid genetic progression of their flocks. Read more

Provita Hoofsure Endurance helps farmers control lameness in sheep

An independent study on the effectiveness of footbath solutions for sheep with feet problems showed improvements after one pass through a footbath containing Hoofsure Endurance 2%*

Gavin Blair and his family run a 400 ewe flock and 80 suckler and beef herd near Moneymore. The flock consists of mule ewes put to Suffolk and Texel rams. Lambing takes place from February to April. Read more

Provita Advance+ – The multi-functional inoculant

Provita Advance+ is available in liquid and granular form. The ready to use granular product is available in 20kg tubs that treats 50 tonne and is applied at 400g per tonne treated. The 1 kg powder to liquid box treats 100 tonnes of silage. Advance+ liquid is a ready to use product and can be applied at standard 2L per tonne treated down to low-volume 40ml per tonne. Read more