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How do you solve a problem like footbathing?

Members of the technical team at Provita are fully aware of the fact that footbathing can often be a tedious job. In addition, it is very difficult to ensure that the dilution rate is correct in every footbath. Studies have shown that 93% of footbaths are used incorrectly. Also the handling of chemicals can be dangerous.

Provita are currently offering a bespoke semi-automated system which can help solve the problems which come with footbathing. The system can be tailored to the farm’s specific requirements and each of the elements below can be customised to suit your farm. Read more

Provita Promist – Unqiue Air Purifier

Provita Promist is a unique air purifier containing a blend of natural organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents which together help control the levels of dust and ammonia in the housing of  intensively reared livestock. It costs approximately £2 per head per winter. Read more

Provita Protect: Tried and Trusted

Recent on-farm tests for clients referred to Provita by veterinarians in Northern Ireland have discovered very high levels of harmful bacteria in colostrum that has been frozen and then thawed in warm water. Only colostrum that was kept in hygienic conditions or pasteurised and then either fed straightaway or, refrigerated and then fed had microbial loads that would be considered hygienic enough to feed to newborn animals. The management of natural colostrum needs to be improved on these farms to gain the full benefit of colostrum and any vaccinations used. Indeed, the levels of bacteria seen in the colostrum on these farms would be a health risk. Read more

Lameness in Ruminants Conference 2017

Provita will be attending the 11th International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants, Munich 2017. We will be exhibiting from the 7th to 9th of September 2017. For more information on the conference visit:

Provita will be exhibiting at the World Dairy Expo 2017

ProVitaMin has proven its worth on farms across Northern Ireland

Farmers across Northern Ireland continue to trust ProVitaMin to help correct deficiencies, improve fertility and growth rates, amongst their flocks.

A small purebred and commercial flock run by Colm and Enda Mc Aleer,  in Dungannon, has a nucleus of 20 purebred Suffolk ewes and 40 commercial Suffolk Mule cross and Mule’s. In addition to the boluses which they had always used, they tried Provita’s multivitamin mineral drench with copper, ProVitaMin. Ewes were given 10 ml 4 weeks before tupping and just before lambing. It is also used for flushing and AI to help accelerate flock development and for growing lambs. Read more

Maize crop growing well for Connons

Francis and Joe Connon farm a mixed suckled, beef, sheep and biogas farm in Limavady. Their Maize crop has been doing very well this year. It was planted first week of May under plastic and is now standing 8 to 9 foot tall. Read more

Provita Newborn Pig probiotic helps improve performance of Co. Down pig farm

Hugh Gabbie along with his team of staff lead by Johnny Chambers run a 1100 sow, birth to bacon unit near Crossgar.

Key to success on the farm is put down to monitoring all performance figures very closely, great attention to detail and controlling feed quality and cost. The farm buys in its own straights, much of which comes from local farms and mixes its own meal. “This way we know what’s in the meal and it costs less than buying it”, commented Hugh. “The performance has really accelerated the last 6/7 years, the number of piglets born alive is 13.7, with 12.8 weaned, and 2.4 litters per year. However I’d say replacement rates are now higher”, continued Hugh. “Currently prices are good and we are on the crest of a wave which I hope doesn’t break for some time, however regulations and staff shortages are challenges we face.” Read more

Provita Protect helps reduce calf scour

Many farmers across Northern Ireland are turning to local animal health manufacturers Provita Protect POM-VPS to help reduce calf scour.

Calf scour stubbornly remains the number one cause of death in calves under 1 month of age. Along with good management and good hygiene Provita Protect will help reduce calve scour. Beds must be dry and draft free, they should pass the knee drop test, i.e. knee should still be dry after you drop down onto the straw bed. Calves should be fed enough colostrum as soon as possible after birth, ideally 2 litres within the first 15 minutes after birth, plus a further 2 litres 2 hours later. Care must be taken when freezing and thawing out colostrum as harmful bacteria can grow to very high levels if it’s left lying around for more than 1 hour. Equally thawing out at too high a temperature will destroy the proteins, if thawing out too slowly this can create very high levels of harmful bacteria in the colostrum. It is best fed fresh or stored in a fridge and used within a few days. Alternatively a powdered colostrum substitute can be used such as Provita colostrum concentrate, it will work through several modes of action including energy, probiotic, egg powder, natural colostrum, minerals and vitamins. Read more

UK Dairy Day 2017

Come and visit us at UK Dairy Day, on Wednesday 13th September 2017, at stand H208. UK Dairy Day is a dedicated one day event for the dairy industry. For more information on the event visit