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Equine Products

These products can be ordered online (UK/Ireland Customers).

Provita Lacteal Horse & Foal

Provita Horse & Foal supplies a source of live beneficial bacteria for the stabilisation of the intestinal microflora in horses and foals. Use at birth, periods of stress, mare service, weaning, scouring, after antibiotic therapy, competitions, training, appetite loss, diet changes.

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Provita Equiband

An antibacterial spray plaster for horses containing tea-tree oil. For use topically on hooves and all skin types (except face).

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Provita Equigest

A palatable natural feed additive for horses to improve feed conversion and digestive conditions which improves digestion and body condition. Use when preparing for sale and shows, prior to eventing, hunting and racing, to promote appetite following illness, after antibiotic racing, at times of prolonged stress, colic or digestive upsets and poor or faddy eaters.

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Provita WD Powder

Provita Water Dispersible (WD) powder is a cost-effective means of establishing and rebalancing your horses’s natural microflora in the gut.

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Provita Prolyte Extra for Competition Horses

Prolyte Extra aids and maintains the hydration of horses undergoing intense physical exercise or stress. In case of risk, during periods, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea) and/or dehydration. This product is formulated for use in competition horses prior to and during travelling, and at times of stress to ensure a healthy intestinal balance.

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Provita Equilyte Paste

Equilyte electrolyte paste is a complementary feed for use in athletic horses to help replenish electrolytes lost during times of stress, sweating, travel or strenuous physical exercise.

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Provita Mintgel E

This clear gel stimulates blood flow, easing pain and promoting recovery from muscular strains. After intense physical exercise, or following injury or strain, a generous amount should be massaged into the affected area.

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Provita Colostrum for Foals

Natural colostrum for newborn foals. Use when there is a shortage of natural colostrums.

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